Le tissage




The main weave used for bed linen is plain weave :

• Canvas armor = 1 thread on, 1 under
• Satin tack = 1 thread on, 4 under
• The jacquard = the threads are crossed so as to make appear a drawing.

Depending on the armor, the appearance and properties of the fabric are different


A fabric's quality depends on its thickness and the number of threads per cm2 of fabric.

For example, percale must have a minimum of 80 threads/cm2, while plain, good-quality cotton has a thread count of 57cm/cm2.

The tighter the weave, the better the quality.



Our percale is composed of long fibres of combed cotton that intertwine better and lend a smoother, shinier and softer aspect to the fabric.

It also makes the fabric more resistant to frequent washing.

Our percale is treated with Easy Care for easier ironing.

The making of linen