Reactive printing

Reactive printing

Reactive printing, or Indanthrene, is used for darker fabrics and allows the color to properly penerate the cotton fiber.

Besides guaranteeing the integrity of the color and the fabric's resistance, it also lends a soft, silky aspect.

Digital printing

Digital printing is an innovative technique that allows the printing of detailed images onto the fabric.

This technique is often used on paper, but has recently been employed on support fabric.

This printing system produces images directly on support textiles from electronic data, contrary to traditional printing that requires a series of steps.

This allows for the printing of an infinite amount of colors with a great deal of finesse.

Motifs are bright, luminous, deep and realistic, making them ideal for floral bed-linen sets.

Pigment printing

Pigment printing

Colors are placed onto the fabric surface and then thermally fixed.

This quick, simple procedure allows for fine motifs and effervescent colors.

Thanks to the quality pigments, the fabric holds up well despite frequent washing.

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