Nos différents support du linge de lit




Cotton : a natural material known for its comfort and resistance, and also the most commonly produced fibre in the world.

It's known for being comfortable, durable and sold, and also the most commonly used material for bed linen.

Cotton easily absorbs moisture and can be used all year long. It can also be combed, which implies removing the shortest fibres.

Combed cotton is softer and finer than regular cotton, and ages well.

Percale is a superior-quality cotton composed of very fine threads, commonly used for bed linen.

This material is soft, silky and pleasant to the touch, giving the bed a smooth feel. Linen is a natual fiber known for its comfort, softness and durability, as well as it's fresh, cool feel during the summer months.

Most of the bed-linen sets today are available in washed linen for even softer, more comfortable feel.


The cotton-linen mix is warped in cotton (length) and weft in absorbant linen (width), with a composition of 40% linen.

This high-quality fabric is light and ideal for hot weather.

The fine, soft and silky sateen is also of high quality, and the shimmery esthetic allows bright colors to really pop.

The making of linen