L'entretien de votre linge de maison

Bed linen

Bed linen

BEFORE FIRST USE We recommend that you wash your new bed linen with a little detergent and a glass of white vinegar. The fabric isn't clean after the printing and dyeing processes, so it's not advised to use it without washing it first. This way, excess colorants are removed, which prevents the color rubbing off. WASHING YOUR BED LINEN
Termperature. Wash your bed linen at 60°C, and if it's not too dirty and the colors are darker, it's advised to limit the setting to 40°C on the cotton program.

Detergent. Opt for liquid detergent. If washed at low temperatures, powder detergent can leave white stains on your bed linen. Use detergent with optical brighteners to enhance white bed linen.

Whites and colors. Separate whites and colors. However, if your linen is both white and multicolored, insert an anti-discoloration cloth into your washing machine.Wash all your items inside-out to preserve the colors. It's also advisable to wash all the elements of the same set together so they maintain the same look over time.

Tumble-drying is not recommended because it damages the fabric. Instead, hang your bed linen to dry. Ideally, bed linen should be dried outside to oxygenate your bed linen and have it smelling clean and fresh. Make sure to dry it inside-out so that the sun doesn't discolor your bed linen. If you do have to use a tumble-dryer, take out your bed linen before the end of the cycle and hang it to facilitate ironing.

Try ironing your linen while it's still slightly moist. If your linen is embroided, iron it on the wrong side.

All our products are treated with Easy Care which prevents creasing and makes ironing easier. If you'd like to add fragrance to your house linen, add a few drops of essential oils to your steam iron's water tank.
CARING FOR SATIN Wash satin by hand. Add detergent to a bowl of water and gently wash your bed linen.
When rinsing, add a glass of white vinegar and melt in a little sugar. Follow the instructions above for rinsing and ironing.

Bathroom linen

Anne de Solène offers you a high-end range of bathroom linen to add gentle softness to your everyday life. Here are a few tips to maintain its color and absorbency qualities:

- before the first use, soak your bathroom linen in cold water for a few hours.

- Separate light and dark colors.

- Wash dark colors separately for the first three washes to avoid transfer.

We advise against using fabric softener because it weakens the threads, therein compromising absorbency. Anne de Solène towelling products are naturally soft. Tumble-dry your bathroom linen at between 40°C and 60°C for an even softer touch. Velvet material must be washed in a full drum and then tumble-dried to remove all lint.

Removing stains

Removing stains

Here are a few tips to remove common stains.

Use your nail to carefully remove the wax and then place the stained item between two bits of blotting paper. Apply a hot iron to absorb the wax.

Apply white vinegar or lemon juice and leave to dry in the sun for a few hours. Wash as usual, but separately.

Tap with absorbant paper and then rub with sparkling water. Wash as usual.

Clean immediately with cold water (hot water will lock the stain in permanently). Leave to soak in salty cold water for 24 hours and then wash as usual.

Wet the stain and then powder with bicarbonate of soda. Rub and then rinse.

Sprinkle on bicarbonate of soda and leave for a few hours. Scratch gently and repeat the process a few times. Brush off the powder and then wash as usual.

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