Choisir son couvre lit

Harmoniser le mobilier avec le linge de lit et la déco d’une chambre à coucher ne nécessite pas toujours un avis d’expert. Il suffit juste de vous fier à vos goûts, à votre style et à l’ambiance de votre intérieur pour faire de votre cocon, la chambre de vos rêves. Quels sont les critères à ne pas négliger pour bien choisir un couvre-lit ? Ce guide vous donne quelques conseils…

What is a comforter?

What is a comforter?

The comforter serves as protection for your bed and the sheets, and it also adds a decorative touch to your bedroom.

That's why it should match your bedroom's existing décor.

Whether your bedroom is retro, modern, zen or rustic, there's a comforter in the style and size perfectly suited to your decor.

It shouldn't be too big, but it should cover your whole bed.

How to choose the right size?

The size of the comforter depends on the size of your bed.

Measure the height of your bed, multiply by two and then add the width of your mattress.

For a single bed, you'll need a comforter measuring 180x240cm.

For a double bed measuring 140cm, you'll need a comforter of 230x250cm, and for a double bed measuring 160cm, you'll need a comforter of 250x260cm.

Comforter materials

Comforter materials

If you suffer from allergies, the choice of material depends on the severity of your allergies.

It's advisable to avoid materials that would set off your allergies, so carefully read the tag.

Choose between natural materials (cotton, wool, down) and synthetics (polyester, acrylic).

- Cotton: natural material, commonly used for comforters, light and easy to maintain.

- Down: very soft, an alternative natural material.

- Wool: suited to winter months, excellent for distributing warmth.

- Synthetics (polyester, acrylic): often used for comforters, characteristically light.

What style of bedspread to choose?

The comforter is an integral part of your bedroom, both a functional and decorative item.

Take into account the number of windows in your room as well as the furniture when considering ways to harmonize your decoration.

A satin comforter would add a light, feminine touch to your bedroom.

For a more rustic feel, opt for a thicker, embroided alternative , while a crochet comforter would add a retro touch.

Whatever your choice, it's imperative that your comforter matches the overall theme in your bedroom.

How to maintain yoru comforter?

How to maintain yoru comforter?

Caring for your comforter starts with sticking to the washing and drying instructions.

Certain fabrics are delicate and therefore can't be machine-washed.

Comforters are usually well padded and not also suited to machine-washing, so be sure to check the care instructions before making a purchase.

If your comforter is machine-washable, pay attention to the kind of detergent you should use, which cycle is best (usually cold) etc.

For drying, place two tennis balls into the drum of the tumble-dryer along with a little fabric softener.

Check that the comforter doesn't heat up too much by stopping the tumble-dryer twice during the cycle.

Once dry, shake out your comforter so that the padding is equally distributed.

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