Choisir son linge de bain

Sortir de son bain ou de sa douche et s’éponger avec un linge de bain doux, confortable n’est plus un privilège. La gamme de linge de bain de qualité par Anne de Solène répond aussi bien aux exigences qualité qu’à celles du confort pour vous éponger tout en douceur. Quels sont les critères doit-on prendre en compte avant de choisir un linge de bain ? Ce guide vous fournit les conseils pour un choix éclairé, mieux encore, un choix judicieux.






Bathroom linen is available in a variety of materials: bamboo viscose, soya fibre, microfibre...

Anne de Solène offers you its range of French bathroom linen in 100% combed-cotton terrycloth.

This is the quintessential material used for premium bathroom linen thanks to its excellent absorption qualities.

Terrycloth is naturally soft and supple, and comfortable to use.

It's resistant and can withstand years of washing (as long as you follow the care instructions).

The linen range brings a soft, invigorating feel to your skin thanks to its toughness. Viscose bamboo offers excellent absorbency, and while it's silky to the touch, it takes a lot longer to dry than other materials.

Soya fiber dries relatively quickly, absorbs well and is soft to the touch.


Choose the right size for your bathroom linen and make bath or shower time a breeze.

Take into account storage space, how you move around your bathroom as well as your size and body type.

The standard towel is 50x100cm, a shower sheet is 70x140cm and a bath sheet measures 100x150cm for a wraparound experience when exiting your bath.

For bathrobes, length is an important consideration.

Take into account your body type and height: the minimum and maximum lengths are 100cm and 140cm respectively.

When choosing a bath mitt, make sure that it fits your hand. The standard size is 15x15cm.



Only towels feature the decorative jacquard border along its edges.

If you're looking for bathrobes with impeccable finishes, select a model with a decorative neck for a touch of originality.

The kimono neck is ideal for men, while the shawl collar is more suited to women.

The hooded model is more often suited to children, but adults show interest in it too.


The right grammage in your choice of bathroom linen will ensure the softness, comfort and absorbency you desire.

Ensure that it's not too heavy; otherwise your items are difficult to handle.

Ideally, the grammage should be higher than 400g/m2.

Anne de Solène's range of bathroom linen boasts an average grammage of 550g/m2 for optimal absorbency.

Bath towels

Bath towels

Bath-towel characteristics:

Bath sheet. Measuring 100x150cm, bath sheets wrap you up completely as you exit your bath.

Bath towel. Smaller than the bath towel, this 50x100cm version is ideal for drying your face or hair.

Guest towel. This towel measures 40x60cm.

The bathrobe: how to choose?

Your choice of bathrobe is based on a number of factors, the most important being your waist and bust sizes.

For guaranteed comfort, your bathrobe should be absorbant on the inside, which implies materials like cotton, linen and bamboo viscose.

Finally, which model: kimono, shawl or hooded cap?

How to choose a bath mat?

How to choose a bath mat?

A bath mat should be made of material that renders it non-slip and absorbant. Bath mats are available in cotton, synthetic material, imperishable exotic wood and natural fibre.

Terrycloth is absorbant, comofortable and easy to care for.

Synthetic materials are resistant, quick to dry, but not as absorbant.

Either way, be sure that the bottom of the bath mat is non-slip, and remember to choose one that matches your bathroom's interior!

A reminder about maintenance

We recommend washing your linens in lukewarm water to maintain the integrity of the colors and thread quality.

Use fabric softener sparingly and opt for liquid detergent.

Avoid hot ironing. For more detailed information, consult the manufacturer's instructions.

Tips for your linens