To know us better ...


Birth of the production site

Breaking ground at the production site. The first office was opened in the east of France, in the heart of the Vosges near Gérardmer.

1914 1918


This war had direct consequences for the Julienrupt factory: lack of personnel, fuel and raw material forced the company to adapt to avoid closure.

1939 1945


Production at the factory was interrupted due to a mass exodus of employees, and the senior personnel put in place emergency procedures to maintain the company's activities. Production was perturbed by problems relating to administration, supply, alternative production and the destruction of the Julienrupt factory during the Liberation struggle. The factory was rebuilt in 1948.


The creation of Anne de Solène

The name Anne de Solène conveys femininity, elegance, refinement and tradition, and has since become one of the major players in the house-linen arena. The name is derived from Anne de Solages, a stylist at the creative studio in Julienrupt.


The first collection is launched.


First store

Opening of the first Anne de Solène store in Rue du Bac, Paris.


Online store

The online store is launched:

Unique expertise

Anne de Solène is lucky enough to have passionate employees who share their expertise so that the rich quality of French bed linen persists.

Every piece is the result of great mastery of techniques and textile expertise - our teams are Anne de Solène's greatest assets.

For over 40 years, Anne de Solène has nurtured a relationship of trust with its customers thanks to attention to detail, authenticity and the high-end quality material used.

The tradition of creating exquisite house linen is now passed from one generation to the next.

By selecting the most beautiful fabric and adorning them with meticulous finishes, Anne de Solène is able to offer you bed linen, bathroom linen and table linen of the highest quality.

Every step of our fabrication process is closely monitored, and every custom-made item is made at the Julienrupt factory in the Vosges by passionate, competent personnel.

Anne de Solène combines creativity, quality and excellence to transform cotton, linen, satin or mixed-thread fabric into a range of original, elegant linen collections with timeless charm.

A strong identity

Since the first collection was introduced in 1968, Anne de Solène created a delicate, luxurious ideal around French style and refinement.

For over 40 years, Anne de Solène has nurtured a relationship of trust with its customers thanks to attention to detail, authenticity and the high-end quality material used. Anne de Solène has gained notoriety on the international market because our products combine style and quality:

  • - expertise and French tradition
  • - quality material
  • - subtle motifs
  • - intensity and durability of the colors
  • - charming, refined style that complements any interior

Unique quality and style

With its elegance and refined finishes, Anne de Solène house linen is reminscinent of an era when time wasn't a factor in creating traditional linen.

We are inspired by decorative art, the study of style and the evolution of fashion. Our artists and technicians' creative minds are constantly evolving, which is why we are able to produce new and prestigious collections several times a year.

Our teams are always developing new designs and staying ahead of the fashion curve, all while respecting the style of the brand. In the purest tradition of the Vosges, every piece is hand-drawn before being made. Our fabric is either percale or 100% long-fiber sateen.

We use the best-quality cotton (Egyptian) to guarantee irreproachable quality and durability.

From the right color for the thread to the bias tone, the finishes are meticulously studied for that final 'Anne de Solène' touch for which we are so well known.

Classical bourdon, double inner rib, trimmed edges - our teams are experts at creating the most beautiful and sophisticated finishes.

Our Creation team is 100% integrated into the Vosges factory, which is why Anne de Solène guarantees exclusive, authentic design of every one of our pieces.

A brand invested in the future

Anne de Solène boasts a rich heritage of excellence and expertise in creating bed linen. In keeping up with the times, Anne de Solène is committed to offers its clients

  • innovative services and new products by optimizing use of material,
  • textures and printing techniques to give customers an even wider range of choices,
  • along with new services like custom creations,
  • click-and-collect and the online store.
Anne de Solène collections enhance the interiors in homes in France and the rest of the world.


Europe is an important development axis for the brand on an international level. Anne de Solène is well known and enjoys a good reputation throughout Europe. Belgium, Switzerland and Russia are among our main clients.


Anne de Solène is intensifying its presence in the United States. Sales figures are climbing and we have recently opened 8 Corners in the Bloomingdale's chain stores, along with increased presence on online stores in the USA. Further openings are planned for the months ahead.


Anne de Solène enjoys an excellent reputation in a number of Asian countries, including Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia etc. In the Middle East, the brand is well known in Qatar and Lebanon. French style is a major asset for these countries.