Choisir son linge de lit

Une chambre à coucher est l’unique endroit de votre intérieur où vous pouvez retrouver du calme et de la sérénité afin de bénéficier d’un sommeil réparateur : de quoi jouir d’un bon équilibre mental, synonyme de bonne santé !
Pour ce faire,  le décor de votre chambre à coucher doit être reposant et le linge de lit, à même de vous offrir la douceur et le bien-être nécessaires, quelle que soit la saison. Mais comment choisir votre linge de lit? Suivez ce guide …



Caring for your bed linen is synomynous with appreciating its value. Make the right choices by considering seasons and temperature

- if you're heat-sensitive, opt for light-season bedding.

For spring time, bed linen for the moderate season is ideal since it helps maintain a cool, fresh feel in your bedroom.

Summer weather calls for the 'adequate' category.

Choose from a high-quality brands for bed linen that's hypoallergenic, durable, comfortable, soft and silky.

Material: cotton, percale, sateen

Your choice of bed linen should be based on your personal taste, but also on whether or not you suffer from allergies.

Manufacturers have created chic, decorative hypoallergenic ranges to accommodate their customers' various needs.

Cotton : this is the most popular material used for bed linen. Cotton is natural, comfortable and durable. For those concerned about the environment, eco-friendly cotton is kind to the environment and man's health. Cultivated without fertlizer nor pesticides, this material is just as comfortable, durable and silky as its traditional counterpart.

Percale: this is ideal for fabricating duvet covers. If wellbeing is your top priority and you're not big on high-maintenance material, percale is the ideal fabric because its resistance and softness.

Sateen: you'll recognize sateen by its flexibility and soft touch. Made with a fine weave that surpasses that of percale, which makes it a high-quality fabric that's also easy to keep clean. Popular during winter, sateen offers comfort and resilience.

Decor: motifs, colors

Decor: motifs, colors

Is your bedroom classic, modern or contemporary? Anne de Solène offers a variety of styles of bed linen to match all types of decor, whether you prefer mismatched designs, sombre tones, stripes, geometrics or florals. Choose collections and adapt them to your existing bedroom decor for the bedroom of your dreams!

Measurements (according to the size of the duvet and mattress)

The choice of your bed linen must take into account the dimensions of your bed, but also your mattress.
For this, these tips will be very useful:

1) For a single bed 90 cm x 190 cm, here are the dimensions that your bed linen must have:

- fitted sheet: 90 cm x190cm
- flat sheet, duvet cover: 140 cm x200cm

2) Your bed measures 140 cmx 200cm, so for:

-the fitted sheet, take in one of 140 cm x200cm
-the flat sheet, you need one of 240 cm x300cm
-the duvet cover, think to take one whose minimum dimensions are 200 cm x200cm.

3) For a much larger bed of 180 cm x 200 cm, the fitted sheet should measure 180x200cm, the flat sheet 270cm x300cm, and the duvet cover 260 cm x240cm.

4) Square pillows of 65cm x65cm, rectangular of 50cm x75cm and pillowcases of 85cm x185cm adapt to all types of bed.

Reminder about bed linen maintenance

Reminder about bed linen maintenance

Choose quality bed linen with an easy-care regime

- this will help minatain the integrity of the colors.

Besides airing your duvet daily, change the pillowcases every week and the sheets twice a month.

Avoid mixing colors, and try not to use detergents. For more detailed information, check the care labels.

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