Choisir un matelas

Etre en bonne forme est synonyme de sommeil paisible et réparateur. Pour cela, s’équiper d’un matelas, est indispensable pour retrouver l’équilibre dont vous avez besoin. Comment s’assurer que vous avez opéré le choix optimal ? Les critères suivants vous aideront à prendre la bonne décision.

Foam or spring mattress?

Foam or spring mattress?

Most manufacturers offer customers both foam and spring mattresses.

Foam mattresses fit onto all slatted bed frames, while spring mattresses require a spring base.

It's important to test the mattress you'd like to buy. Whatever the price, your choice of mattress must be able to offer you a good night's sleep and maintain its structural integrity.

Essential criteria

o Measurements.

Various mattress sizes are available for the different bed sizes on the market. You can also have a mattress custom-made so that you and your partner don't toss and turn all night long.

o Suspension .

Foam mattresses offer comfort and firmness, and are available in three categories: - Polyether foam mattresses are relatively cheaper, but don't necessarily guarantee firmness. However, it can easily be used an additional sleeping place.

- Polyurethane foam mattresses are durable, comfortable and firm, but they don't do well with moisture.

- Mattresses with memory foam adapts to your body, making these models ideal for sleepers with back pain. You could also opt for a spring mattress, preferably multispiral or pocket-spring models.

Double-cone spring mattresses aren't recommended because of their short lifespan and the unpleasant sensations felt after extended use, especially for heavier people.

Multispiral spring mattresses offer good ventilation and comfort thanks to homogenous support, but couples don't enjoy independent sleeping. - Pocket-spring mattresses are the best choice if you're considering a foam mattress. This model offers excellent ventilation, longevity, back support, unparallelled comfort, as well as the independent-sleeping factor.

o Stuffing Select a mattress with natural fiber for unparallelled comfort and softnesss: linen, cotton, silk or wool. Opt for a mattress with a removable cover treated with anti-dust-mite and anti-mold solutions for more hygenic product.

o Thickness . How tall are you? How much do you weigh? These are the essential factors to consider when buying a mattress because they have an impact on how firm your mattress will be.

Opt for a density of at least 70kg/m3 to ensure your mattress is neither too soft nor too firm. The minimum density is set at 25kg/m3.

Flexible, firm, balanced?

Flexible, firm, balanced?

Many manufacturers advertise the firmness of their mattresses, but the only way to really know if it's the right matress is to test it yourself.

While browsing the mattress section at the shop, dig your elbow into the mattress.

If it sinks in slightly, you're looking at a decent density. Next, lie down on the mattress for about 10 minutes.

Turn over as often as possible. Lie on your back, your front and your side, and then check that your partner isn't bothered by your movements.

Winter and summer

Your mattress should have a winter side and a summer side.

This allows you to turn over your mattress at least twice a year to guarantee the stuffing's longevity.

The winter side is usually silk or wool with slightly thicker ticking.

It offers heat during the colder seasons, while the summer side stays cool during the warmer months. Either, comfort is guaranteed.

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