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How to maintain your pillows?

How to maintain your pillows?

Benefit from a good night's sleep by taking care of your pillow • It is strongly advised to use a pillowcase to protect your pillow.

• Air your pillow daily to prevent dust mites accumulating. Leave your windows open to expose it to the cold during winter and the heat during summer. This allows for a clean, healthy sleeping environment.

• Puff up your pillow regularly to reshape it and get rid of dust.

• Avoid heating up your bedroom too much since this can lead to dust mites accumulating.

How to wash pillows

Most pillows can be machine-washed. Make sure that the washing machine is three-quarter-way full so that your pillows don't get damaged in the drum, and that the spin cycle doesn't rip the casing.

Be aware that pillows absorb a lot of water, which makes them heavy.

Maintain the puffiness by placing a tennis ball in the drum. Allow natural-stuffing pillows to air-dry.

Feather and down pillows must be washed every six months, while synthetic pillows can be washed every two months.

Those allergic to dust mites and those who perspire a great deal must clean their pillows every month.

Machine-wash or dry-clean?

Machine-wash or dry-clean?

Before machine-washing your pillow, check the care instructions on the label.

Some pillows can't be machine-washed, and feather and down pillows are usually more delicate.

Make sure your pillow isn't torn

- if you do see a hole or an area about to tear, fix it before washing your pillow to prevent the stuffing from falling out during the wash.

Irrespective of the stuffing, your pillow should be washed on a delicate cycle. Wash with lukewarm water if your pillow is stained.

You can also wash your pillow by hand in lukewarm soapy water. Rub and then gently rinse. Lay flat to dry.

• Drying your pillow
You can tumble-dry your pillow on a cool cycle for about two hours. During summer time, dry your pillow outside. Proper drying prevent odors and mold. Once dry, tap and shake your pillow to regain puffiness.

Vertical ironing will help it bounce back into shape.

• What if I can't wash my pillow?
Pillows with memory foam or latex stuffing can't be washed, even by hand. In most cases, however, the casing can be washed. Leave your pillow in the sun and fresh air once a week to avoid dust mites.

Get rid of stains by rubbing your pillow with a wet cloth and leaving it to dry in the sun.

When to get a new pillow?

Synthetic pillows should be replaced every two years, while natural pillows should be replaced every five years to ensure optimal shape and support.

A tip: if you fold your pillow in half and it doesn't rebound, it needs to replaced.

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