L'entretien du matelas

Nous passons en moyenne un peu plus de 7 heures par jour dans notre lit, soit au total près d’un tiers de notre vie.
Il est donc essentiel de bien choisir sa literie et la changer dès que nécessaire. Pour augmenter la durée de vie de votre matelas et conserver un confort optimum, il est important d’en prendre soin et de l’entretenir régulièrement.  Suivez ces conseils pratiques.

Air your bedroom every night

Air your bedroom every night

The best way to maintain a fresh, hygienic bedroom is to air it everyday.

In reality, few people actually do it. Every night we expel about 500ml of sweat, which encourages mold, bacteria and dust mites to develop, increasing the risk of allergies.

Airing your bedroom daily evacuates this moisture and prevents premature degradation of your mattress. Also, avoid making your bed immediately after you get out of bed - otherwise the airing process is ineffective. Open your windows for about 15 to 30 minutes everyday to eliminate the odors that could penetrate your mattress. Leave your mattress bare for a few minutes while changing your bedding.

You should also:

- use a washable protective sheet to avoid stains and humidity damaging your mattress,

- clean stains with a cotton cloth, soap and a gentle detergent,

- vacuum your mattress and base (at low power) every six months,

- avoid placing your mattress on an air-tight base, or on the floor.

Turn over your mattress regularly

Sleeping in the same position every night means that certain spots on your mattress will be deformed.

It's important to flip over your mattress regularly to help prolong your mattress's longevity.

Manufacturers recommend flipping over your mattress every two weeks during the first three months, and then every two to three months.

Remember to swap the head and foot ends too. Some mattress have summer and winter sides with stuffing adapted to the season, like a wool side for winter and a cotton side for summer.

These mattresses should be turned over during spring and fall, so every six months (head and foot ends should be swapped too).

This way your mattress is moved at least once every three months. However, certain mattresses like those with memory foam cannot be turned over.

Avoid trying to flip over your mattress on your own, especially if you have back problems. A mattress is heavy and flipping it over requires two people.

When to get a new mattress

When to get a new mattress

Mattresses don't last forever. On avergae French people change their mattresses every 13 years.

Buying a new mattress helps preserve your back and overall health. Manufacturers recommended buying a new mattress every 10 years, but that you base your purchase on the way you feel about your current mattress.

If you have trouble finding a sleeping position or if you wake up with back pain, it's time to invest in a new mattress.

If your body shape is visible or you feel that your mattress is no longer as solid, it's because your mattress is losing its rigidity and is unable to bounce back to its original shape. In this case, a new mattress is essential.

Compression points are distributed more evenly with a new mattress, which means we don't toss and turn as much, and we don't wake up as often either.

Everybody knows that an uninterrupted night's sleep is best way to reinvigorate body and mind.

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