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What is a waterproof sheet?

What is a waterproof sheet?

A protective sheet is placed on the mattress to protect it against stains and moisture on the ticking.

This allows your bed linen to last longer.

Every night the human body produces around 500ml of moisture, which creates an ideal environment for bacteria, germs and dust mites to flourish.

If you're sleeping next to someone, you collectively produce more than 350 liters of perspiration a year. A protective sheet is therefore necessary to protect against the damaging effects of this moisture.

The protective sheet is also recommended for people who suffer from allergies. A protective sheet increases comfort and the longevity of your mattress.

Various types of waterproof sheets

When purchasing a protective sheet for your mattress, the material is a key factor to consider.

Did you know that protective sheets are made with three principle materials?

- Pure fleece cotton. This weave is composed of two cotton threads. The protective sheet in 100% fleece cotton is very comfortable and known for its softness. This warm material is ideal for winter months.

- Terrycloth (80% cotton and 20% polyester). Terrycloth is a knit of two threads: one for the base and one for the loop. This material is soft and comfortable, and a terrycloth protective sheet is absorbant with excellent moisture-wicking qualities, making it ideal for summer time.

- Pure cotton or polycotton jersey. This is a fine-knit material in cotton or polycotton. It's both light and stretchy.

How to choose your waterproof sheet?

How to choose your waterproof sheet?

You can choose between three types of protectibe sheets: plateau, fitted-sheet style or full-sheet style.

- Plateau protective sheet. This model covers just the top surface of the mattress and is held in place by elastic bands on the four corners. This is the most affordable protective sheet.

- Fitted-sheet style. This covers all sides of the mattress thanks to the material flaps that keep the sheet locked in place.

- Full-sheet style. This model covers the entire mattress. Thanks to a zip, this sheet is easily put on and removed. If you have a stained mattress, this full protective sheet gives your mattress a fresh, new look. This model is the best defense against dust mites and bacteria.

Protective sheets are also available for mattresses on adjustable beds. Whatever the type of sheet, the size of the sheet's corner must be determined by the size of your mattress. For mattresses with a thickness of 10cm, opt for a bonnet of 15cm. Mattresses with a thickness of 18cm should be covered in a sheet with a bonnet of 23cm. If you're opting for a plateau sheet, make sure that the height of the elastics corresponds to the size of your mattress so that it stays in place.

Waterproof or absorbent?

Choose between waterproof and absorbant protective sheets.
These create a perfect waterproof barrier and protect your mattress against damage like mold and stains. It also prevents allergens.

You can choose between two types of waterproof protective sheets: laminated or induction (better for frequent machine-washing).

Polyvinal chloride (PVC) is waterproof but doesn't breathe well, while polyurethane is light, quiet and very comfortable thanks it micro-airing qualities.

Terrycloth has good absorbency qualities, while thick fleece has excellent absorbency qualities.

Which criteria to consider?

Which criteria to consider?

Most protective sheets are machine-washable, but be sure to check the care instructions before making a purchase.

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