Notre savoir-faire

Anne de Solène


The steps involved
in the creation of a collection

Every season, we renew our collections To this end, we work with a trend agency that directs us towards the latest trends Inspired by these trends, we construct our new collection.


Choix des motifs

Choice of

First of all, we must
choose the patterns.

To this end, we create a mood board
which helps us choose among different designs
painted and sketched by
experienced designers or selected
from design archives
Our collections
Gamme couleur


Printing process

During the next phase, we prepare
a layout of the collection, compiling the selected
designs and colors. The designs are
sent to our printing partners
according to the utilized fabric (percale, satin or linen)
and the printer's technical know-how.
Premiers Echantillons

Receipt of the
first samples

Next we receive the first samples
of the printed fabric which we examine with
care: the colors, the quality of the print
and the texture.

All of these elements must be
united in order to approve the sample.
The print used for the back side of the
product is also approved during this phase.
See our materials
Choix des finitions

Choice of

We now choose the finishes
for the different products: embroidery, stiching, satin trim,
whimsical trim, piping...
It's this finish that will make the difference.
We have the chance to work with professional partners
who assist us with this choice.
Validation des produits

Approval of
the products

At last, we receive the samples of the
finished products for approval of the chosen finishes.
Once the finishes have been approved, our purchasing
department can place the final order.