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Anne de Solène


Since 1906

For over 50 years, thanks to Anne de Solène's attention to detail, the originality of our creations and the high quality of our fabrics, we enjoy a priviledged relationship with our customers. Out of this relationship was born a genuine tradition of fine linens by Anne de Solène, passed on from generation to generation..


The choice
of fabrics

Being aware of the importance of quality bed linens means appreciating their value. Choosing a quality fabric is essentiel for a good night's sleep, as well as longterm performance.




This natural fiber is known for its comfort, softness and durability; it's pleasant to the touch and fresh. Linen is very pleasant in the summer due to its high breathability.

Today the majority of bed linens are made of pre-washed linen for an even greater softness and comfort.



Our percale fabric is made with long fiber combed cotton. Combed cotton is manufactured with long fibers, silky in appearance, which intertwine perfectly. The result is a fabric that is shinier in apprearance, softer to the touch, more resistant to washing and more durable.



Satin cotton is a high quality fabric, smooth, soft and silky.

Its slightly shiny appearance makes the colors appear even more vibrant. Highly appreciated during the winter months, satin cotten offers comfort and optimal durability.


  • Des finitions soigneusement travaillées
  • Lavishly designed finishes

    Lavishly designed finishes - Finding the right color of thread or the exact shade of piping, all finishes are examined carefully in order to achieve the renowned "touche finale" by Anne de Solène. Our teams perfectly master the most beautiful and sophisticated finishes.

    - Piping : tucked into the edges of a pillowcase or sheet, the piping harmoniously accentuates the pattern and cut of the product.
    - Standard stich : a special machine is used to achieve a very tight zigzag stich
    - Double ribbed stich : a high-end and refined finish, two thick cotton threads are inserted on the backside of the fabric creating relief. -Flat ruffle: a simple stich all around the edges of the product

  • Printing

    We use three different printing techniques. :

    - Reactive printing: : used on dark colors, this technique enables the colors to penetrate into the heart of the cotton fiber.Resistant to washing, the fabric is also soft and silky to the touch.

    - Digital printing: : this innovative technique enables the printing of very detailed images onto the fabric. The printed images are radiant, bright, intense and lifelike.

    - Pigment printing : the colors are placed onto the surface of the fabric, then set thermally. Resistance to washing is ensured thanks to the quality of the color pigments used.

  • L'impression
  • Certification OEKO-TEX
  • Certification

    All of our products are certified OEKO-TEX:
    an international certification system that controls the use of harmful substances in textiles.
    Our OEKO-TEX certified products do not contain any substances harmful to human health or skin. These products also benefit from the label « Confidence in Textiles».