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Anne de Solène

Our values

The spirit of Anne de Solène

Heir to a rich heritage, Anne de Solène is committed to perpetuating the excellent French tradition of fine bed linens. Anne de Solène combines creativity, quality and excellence, transforming cotton and linen into original bed linens defined by elegance and timeless charm.


  • Savoir-faire
  • Know-how

    Know-how - Selecting the most
    beautiful fabrics
    By selecting the most beautiful fabrics and adding precise finishing touches, we strive to continuously offer bed and bathroom linens, duvets, pillows and accessories that bring you the highest level of satisfaction. In order to do so, we make a point of ensuring strict quality control throughout the entire creation process.
  • Quality

    Quality products which
    ensure irreproachable comfort
    and performance
    Thanks to their elegance and the exceptional delicacy of their details, Anne de Solène bed linens bring to mind traditional bed linens from an era where time was of less importance. Our fabrics are 100% percale or satin long fiber combed cotton or linen. We use the best possible quality of coton in order to provide our customers with irreproachable comfort and performance.
  • Qualité
  • Passion
  • Passion

    Our teams' passion
    for the artistic gesture
    Each employee with Anne de Solène seeks to pass on his know-how with passion, thereby upholding the tradition of quality French household linens. Each creation reflects the high technical skills and textile expertise of our teams, our brand's greatest asset.
  • Creativity

    Creative, future-oriented
    production teams
    Thanks to the creative spirit of our teams, in constant evolution, new and prestigious collections are launched several times a year. Respecting the Anne de Solène style, all the while keeping an eye on the future, our teams never cease to reflect upon new designs and to identify upcoming trends.
  • Créativité
  • Innovation
  • Innovation

    Collections which are
    continually renewed
    In tune with the times, Anne de Solène is committed to providing innovative services and new products, adapting the pace of the collections in order to provide its customers with the widest range of choice possible. New, innovative fabrics and cutting-edge printing technologies are proposed on a regular basis.